Zendesk Support vs. Rhino Support

Zendesk Support vs RhinoSupport

When comparing Zendesk to Rhino, you may wonder what the main differences are between the two services?

While the core functionality is similar, this article will help you compare the most important differences between the two support services in order for you to make the most informed decision for your business.

Difference 1 - Demographics. Zendesk is primarily focused on medium to large companies with complex support needs, whereas Rhino focuses on Small to Medium businesses that are looking for a simple, effective support system that can grow with their needs.

Difference 2 - Integration. Zendesk integrates into several different types of enterprise software necessary for medium to large companies. Rhino Support on the other hand, focuses on businesses who don't need or want to integrate with complex CMS systems or API's.

Difference 3 - Features. Because Zendesk focuses on larger organizations, they're forced to create a lot of additional options and functionality that most businesses don't need, want or use, which unfortunately adds extra menus, options, and complications, in addition to increasing the overall price. Alternatively, every feature and tool we add into Rhino Support is built specifically to be easy-to-use, natural, and widely adoptable.

Difference 4 - Number of Agents. Rhino Support offers an UNLIMITED agent plan for less than the price of a single agent using Zendesk who charges on a per agent per month basis. The price savings with Rhino can save you thousands of dollars a year!

Difference 5 - Number of Websites. Rhino Support's Multi-Account Manager let's you effortlessly manage multiple websites, all with unlimited agents, all running seamlessly in the same account, using simple tabs to toggle between them. Zendesk however, currently only works for one website. If you want additional websites, you have to pay double or triple the monthly fees.

Difference 6 - Price per Agent. Fortunately, Rhino Support has an UNLIMITED plan that gives you the freedom to have up to 4 agents and 2 departments all for only $97 per month. Whereas Zendesk support charges as much as $49 per agent per month! This means that you have to pay this amount for every single one of your support staff each month!

Ultimately, both services have their advantages. It all depends on the size of your company, whether or not you integrate with enterprise-level CRM software, and how many websites and agents you have.

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Note: Prices and options were valid at the time this article was written, please check for yourself before making a final decision.

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